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Links to all mixtapes, including other Soundcloud accounts can be found in my Discography page.


Hello, and WELCOME to my page. My name is Will, I rap, sing, draw, write, background act, you name it. I made this page for those interested in my art forms. Those who seek answers that are not easily found. I "awoke" to seeing the world differently back in 2011/12, and here I am, sharing my inner soul with any avid truth seekers and lovers of art alike.

I think you will all be pleasantly surprised by everything you find here. If not, I still thank and bless you for stopping by.

One Love, Willy C.

Think A Bit + Demos

Very special thanks to Motley MC for letting me Remix his spectacular Conscious Rap track called "Think A Bit". I will detail what you can expect in the tracks here:

  1. Think A Bit- The Track has added samples from the "I Have a Dream Speech" by Martin Luther King Jr. Also ending verses by me.
  2. SaneMind- Different Instrumental and a practice session of the song. Circa 2013 before WDIG.
  3. Mainstream- Boy I forgot It had different lyrics! I forgot that the lyrics were erased (a portion at least and "deleted")
  4. Pi- The sample intro is a bit longer and small differences.
  5. Symbol- Different vocal take for the singing chorus. I think it sounds better... now at least lol.
  6. Answers- I do Believe the Instrumental is different. All the Phone Demos were done through a Blackberry xD.
  1. Think A Bit (Ill33Will Remix) [Motley MC ft. Ill33Will]
  2. SaneMind (2013 Phone Demo)
  3. Mainstream (2013 Phone Demo)
  4. Pi (2018 Demo)
  5. Symbol (2018 Demo)
  6. Answers (2013 Phone Demo)

LATEST Mixtape


Work for this mixtape began back in October 2017, after my visit to California and visiting the Hollywood Bowl. Topics touched include MANY concerning the current state of the world, means of control, and how your mind can be used to overcome this negative reality being fed to us...

  1. Times Like These
  2. Blaze of Anguish
  3. Our Mistakes
  4. 1976
  5. untitled
  6. cccCcC'
  7. π (Pi)
  8. Ra
  9. symbol
  10. Fools Paradise
  11. + = -
  12. blur
  13. Spanish Song
  14. π pt. 2
  15. The Light
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